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Vanagrove Forest Contracting

Forest Engineering Consulting

Vanagrove Forest Contracting is an experienced, creative consulting firm which offers services to the Resource Sector

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About Vanagrove Forest Contracting

Vanagrove Forest Contracting has 28 years experience engaging in Forest Engineering in both Private and TFL tenure on Vancouver Island.  

We are Safe Certified with BCFSC.

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What we do

Vanagrove Forest conducts timber reconnaissance as well as cut block layout and road engineering.  We do harvest system planning involving many types of equipment such as : Skidder, Hoe Chucker, Grapple, Yoader, Steep Slope Harvesters (including different tethered configurations).  Previous experience operating forestry ground-based and cable harvesting equipment enables Vanagrove personnel to provide knowledgeable recommendations to clients.

We make use of Lidar for pre-planning harvest boundaries/road locations/cable system deflection and Softree traverse/road design/terrain software to produce Roadeng profiles/ cross sections/plans as well as GIS for Operational Road and Harvest Plan Maps.  We provide windthrow, riparian, react/deactivation prescriptions.  A detailed Operating Plan Summary accompanies the Road and Harvest plan maps.  Vanagrove Forest has considerable experience in Community Watershed planning on Private land.  Vanagrove will work with clients to generate production cost estimates per m3 for planning purposes.  Vanagrove Forest will aid clients in procurement of logging and road building contractors.

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